Can the Gold Standard Help Improve the Economy?
international gold

Proponents of a gold standard were quick to publish their views following Jerome Powell’s negative remarks on gold. These “debates” usually take the form of someone says one thing publicly, then someone else gives the opposite (or moderating) view. It’s too bad that very seldom such debates are in-person, responding to the same questions, with follow-up and real-time point-by-point from both sides.

Because when it’s article-by-article, the reader has to piece together what each side says about what, only to find too often that they talk about different points – and then how do you actually compare the two?  It’s like a hellish nightmare of compare-and-contrast essays from high school (shudder).

As you can read Powell’s views in the article linked above, today’s featured article is a decently-measured look at the benefits of returning to a gold standard, without diving too much into the “how” details.

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